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Winter Clinical Apprentice Schedule

Update: the Herbal Clinical Apprentice Program will be happening Wednesdays from 10 AM to 3 PM, January through March, with breaks for holidays and a snow/illness make up day.  Registration ends in a month, so please reach out with questions soon.  Info here!

Herbal Oxymels From the Flower Garden

Oxymels combine the sweetness of honey, the tanginess of apple cider vinegar, and your favorite medicinal flowers for a summer remedy unlike any other! They are certainly one of the lesser-known forms of herbal remedies—unlikely to be found on the shelf of your local food co-op—which makes them a perfect do-it-yourself project for your kitchen … Continue reading Herbal Oxymels From the Flower Garden

Plant a Bug Spray Garden

Plant herbal allies to defend your family from bites and your garden from pests! Grow, harvest, and craft your own herbal bug spray, while using herbs as companion plants to protect your garden from pests. Insect bites are a warm weather plague, from black flies in spring through fall tick season. As climate change decimates … Continue reading Plant a Bug Spray Garden

Weaving Together the Patterns of Herbs: Using Materia Medica to its Fullest Potential

Home herbalism is who we are and how our families work, healing practiced around the kitchen table around the world and across the centuries. Thank the Good Green Earth that home herbalism happens as a reflex, intuition built on a foundation of herbal fluency that allows us to live as herbalists in every moment. Let … Continue reading Weaving Together the Patterns of Herbs: Using Materia Medica to its Fullest Potential

The Art of Formulation

Learning to create simple, effective formulas that do what they’re supposed to do, don’t do anything undesirable, and don’t taste like rotting death can sometimes be a challenge to the budding herbalist. As we tinker and putter and blend our way down the winding path to gaining experience, this can be one of the major … Continue reading The Art of Formulation

Critical Thinking for Contraindications

Contraindications are situations where an herb is not indicated, either because of a potential interaction or a potential bad outcome. Contraindications can seem scary or overwhelming for the home herbalist, since the stakes are high and the rules unclear, especially with complex medical conditions, children, and pregnant people. This article presents tools for thinking critically … Continue reading Critical Thinking for Contraindications

Clinical Skills Apprentice: Online & In Person this Winter!

Join me starting in January for the Old Ways Herbal School of Plant Medicine's personalized apprenticeship in Herbal Clinical Skills.  This program is available online via live webinar and in person in Newfane, Vermont.  Wednesdays 10 am to 3 pm, 40 hours of instruction plus 40 hours of guided self-study.  Info here

Review of “Herbal ABC’s,” Dr. Sharol Tilgner’s new Herbal!

Dr. Sharol Marie Tilgner’s Herbal ABC’s: the Foundation of Herbal Medicine was an absolute treat to read.  Her tone is refreshingly humble for such an influential author, offering a vast body of experience without the pomp and circumstance that often accompanies a work this anticipated.  Her previous book, Herbal Medicine From the Heart of the … Continue reading Review of “Herbal ABC’s,” Dr. Sharol Tilgner’s new Herbal!