Review of “Herbal ABC’s,” Dr. Sharol Tilgner’s new Herbal!

Dr. Sharol Marie Tilgner’s Herbal ABC’s: the Foundation of Herbal Medicine was an absolute treat to read.  Her tone is refreshingly humble for such an influential author, offering a vast body of experience without the pomp and circumstance that often accompanies a work this anticipated.  Her previous book, Herbal Medicine From the Heart of the … Continue reading Review of “Herbal ABC’s,” Dr. Sharol Tilgner’s new Herbal!

Bark Harvest & Advanced Tincture Making: Fall Intensive Schedule

The schedule has been updated for fall intensives at the Old Ways Herbal School of Plant Medicine.  We are happy to bring back the perennially popular Bark Harvest Intensive, as well as Advanced Tincture-Making (which will happen indoors due to the vagaries of November weather in Vermont).  Click here for more info!

Birth Trauma Class in Montpelier

Join me for "Birth Trauma: Healing with Herbs" at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism in Montpelier! Join clinical herbalist & maternity nurse Juliette Abigail Carr, RNC-MNN, BSN, RH (AHG) for a holistic perspective on healing from birth trauma. We will use principles of trauma-informed care to center the needs of birthing people, babies, and … Continue reading Birth Trauma Class in Montpelier

Saturday Class: Montpelier

Join me this Saturday, 6/8, at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism in Montpelier! Companion Planting: Medicinals in the Vegetable Garden Grow your own herbs while improving your vegetable garden!  This class goes deep into the details of companion planting.  Learn to use medicinal plants to protect veggies from insects and increase yields, while simultaneously … Continue reading Saturday Class: Montpelier

POC & Abenaki Scholarships

Old Ways Herbal School of Plant Medicine gratefully acknowledges that modern herbalism rests squarely on the shoulders of many generations of black and brown herbalists.  It is a facet of institutionalized white supremacy that the public face of herbalism in this country is a white one, belying the absolutely essential tradition of herbalists from communities … Continue reading POC & Abenaki Scholarships

Free Medicinal Plant Walk in April

Join the Old Ways Herbal School of Plant Medicine for a Free Medicinal Plant Walk Sunday, April 28, 1 to 1:30 PM in Brattleboro Celebrate spring with a calm amble to meet the medicinal weeds of spring in Brattleboro.  We will discuss how to find them, medicinal uses, preparations, and safety concerns.  Children are welcome. … Continue reading Free Medicinal Plant Walk in April

School of Plant Medicine Registration Open

Sign up now for Old Ways Herbal School of Plant Medicine Courses! The Home Medicine Maker, Home Herbalist, and Medicinal Gardener Courses start in May.  As of today, there are 8 spots left in the Home Medicine Maker Course, and 9 in each of the others; these courses are open enrollment. The Traditional Apprenticeship starts … Continue reading School of Plant Medicine Registration Open

Plant a Bug Spray Garden

Check out my new article in Heirloom Gardener Magazine, a publication of Mother Earth News! Plant a Bug Spray Garden: Plant herbal allies to defend your family from bites and your garden from pests Here's more information on Herbal Infused Oils Here's a bunch of things about Herbal Gardening Let me know what you think!

Good Medicine Confluence 2019

Join me in gorgeous Durango, CO, May 15-19 for one of the best, most unique herbal gatherings in the country! I’m so excited to be teaching three classes: Birth Trauma: Healing with Herbs Essential Herbs for Toddlers and their Families Botanical Sanctuary: Learning from the Land, Teaching from the Land I’m so thrilled to be … Continue reading Good Medicine Confluence 2019