Old Ways Herbal School of Plant Medicine offers hands-on learning in the midst of our forest Botanical Sanctuary, surrounded by native plants and venerable trees, with the song of the river in the background.  Our central focus is to help people self-empower to reclaim lost wisdom to care for the health of our families, communities, and natural environment.

  Levels of learning include skill-based workshops, beginner and intermediate courses, and rigorous in-depth apprenticeships.  Our community is vibrant, inclusive, and supportive our mutual learning and healing process.

Courses Our popular plant medicine courses  take place in our beautiful open-air woodland classroom, surrounded by Vermont’s native plants and venerable trees, with the song of the river in the background.

The Home Medicine Maker Course: Learn to grow, make, & use plant medicine at home in this hands-on course, appropriate for all experience levels!  Here are the details: Home Medicine-Maker Course (Level I)

Medicinal Gardener Course: Come get your hands dirty in this season-long garden adventure.  Here are the details: Medicinal Gardener Course

The Home Herbalist Course: Learn how herbs work in the body, how to choose the right remedy, and gain an extensive understanding of herbs by body system!  Here are the details: Home Herbalist Course (Level II)

Apprentice Program: Old Ways Herbal offers a personalized, hands-on herbal apprentice program for students looking for an in-depth experience. Apprentices come 1-2 days per week over the course of a growing season and are involved with all aspects of our herbal practice.   More information here.

Intensives & Workshops: Every season, we host a number of skill-based workshops & intensives on themes related to herbal medicine and homesteading.  Topics include individual medicine-making techniques, specific uses of herbs, seed starting and plant cultivation, mushroom log inoculation, basic animal husbandry, and more.   More information here.


Old Ways Herbal is located in Newfane, VT: 20 minutes from Brattleboro, Putney, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, 2 hours from Montpelier and Albany, 4 hours from NYC, and under 2.5 hours from both Burlington and Boston in gorgeous Southern Vermont.

Please note that the classroom is quite rustic, and a 5-10 minute walk over uneven ground including a hill.  Most classes also include a plant walk or harvesting component.  Students of limited mobility should contact us to discuss options.

For more information about our farm and practice, please read About Us.

Students planting Goldenseal in the Botanical Sanctuary

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