Registered Herbalist!

Big news!  I’m honored to announce my acceptance into the American Herbalists Guild as a peer-reviewed Registered Herbalist, the highest level of credentialing available to herbalists in the US.  I look forward to participating in all the opportunities for professional development afforded by this honor, as well as expanding clinical hours for long-distance clients, and continuing to offer the usual courses and apprentice programs through the Old Ways Herbal School of Plant Medicine.


4 thoughts on “Registered Herbalist!

  1. So awesome! I am on the same plant path! May apply for your nest apprentice program? I love your website, thank you for all the great info! Which programs did you attend? I am with East-West Planetary Herbology and Evolutionary Herbalism and Chestnut Herbal School. Study every day right now but I couldn’t love it any more! Herbal education is like food for the soul!


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