As of November, 2021, I have accepted a position as a Nurse Practitioner in integrative primary care at Grace Cottage Family Health in Townshend, Vermont. 

My practice will continue to serve children and adults with body positive, gender affirming, trauma-informed holistic care, now expanded to include primary care, lactation support, birth control, and more in my new role.  Click here to be contacted when I am scheduling new client appointments.

Each of us is the utmost authority on our bodies, and our wellness is deeply influenced by race, class, culture, gender, sexuality, intergenerational trauma, and other socioeconomic health determinants.  My goal is for the people I counsel to begin to trace the threads connecting all aspects of their lives to their state of wellness, and to self-empower to maximize their health.

For clients within Vermont:

  • Appointments will be available in person, online, and over the phone
  • I will be able to accept all major health insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare
  • Click here to be contacted when I am scheduling new client appointments

Mentoring & Learning: Many of my clients are herbalists, and much of our work together is mentoring your advanced work.  I will still be able to provide long-distance mentoring, both one-on-one (info here) and in a new online group (info here).  The herb school will still continue–and I’m hoping to get back on the road again in 2022, pandemic permitting, so if there is a school or conference in your area that might be interested in hosting a guest teacher, please let me know!

For clients outside of Vermont:

  • If you would like to, you are welcome to come see me in person.  Telehealth rules prevent me from working online with clients in other states.  Click here to be contacted when I am scheduling appointments. 
  • I recommend finding a clinical herbalist in your area from the American Herbalists Guild, here.

Working together to help you achieve your health goals has been a great honor, and I am full of gratitude for all the things you have taught me over the years.  I hope those of you who are able will follow me into my new role.  To those of you who cannot, or who feel finished, I send you all my love and hold every hope for your continued well-being. 


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