Herbal Resources for COVID-19

It has been very hectic around here lately, with both littles home from school while I try to work from home and still go to grad school online.  I’ve been chipping away at a rather lengthy scribble on family-friendly herbal medicines and foods for COVID-19, but some really wonderful resources have been released by colleagues in the last week or so, so instead of hoeing the same row I’ll compile these for you and let you explore the glorious offerings of the internet to your heart’s content.

If you need support from a clinical herbalist during this stressful, economically challenging time, my practice is still offering sliding-scale phone appointments, and no one is turned away for lack of funds.

Thomas Easley is now offering free COVID-19 support appointments to those in need!  So amazingly generous and wonderful.  Link below.

American Herbalists Guild:extensive resources on many coronavirus-related topics

Larken Bunce: extensive resource list on herbal and life impacts 

Herbalista Free Clinic:unsurprisingly fantastic resource that fills my radical herbalist heart right up

7Song: printable handout of herbal actions, preparations, and specific herbs for coronavirus

Matthew Wood: energetics and contitutions 

Paul Bergner: myths and herbal science of coronavirus

Jim McDonald: on fevers


New England Aster

Thomas Easley: comprehensive thoughts, including staging for coronavirus and free/sliding scale clinical advice (SO AWESOME)


To Purchase Herbs

To purchase dried herbs locally, search for a POC- or woman-owned herb shop in your city.  Most are shipping during this time of isolation.  Community herbalists and clinical herbalists in your area will also ship or do porch drop-offs.

Small businesses everywhere are suffering, and those owned by women, queer folk, and especially especially BIPOC will feel the effects of the economy first and hardest (as always).  If you’re going to spend money, spend it to support someone who needs it.

There are fantastic herb growers all over the country: search online for one in your area, ask around on social media, or talk to herb shops/co-ops/farmers.  I highly recommend Zack Woods Herb Farm for their excellent quality, tiny woman-owned family awesomeness and commitment to social justice.  Sawmill Herb Farm is another great woman-owned farm, especially for fresh herbs, and they offer a CSA.  I promise there is an herb farm or herb garden near you just waiting to be discovered!



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