Choosing Remedy Forms for Toddlers and Young Children

Caring for our own children is the entry point into herbalism for many of us, inspired by the awe of a new life to look for safe, natural, inexpensive means of nurture. Home herbalism is who we are and how our families work, healing practiced around the kitchen table around the world and across the … Continue reading Choosing Remedy Forms for Toddlers and Young Children

New: “Quick Question” Consultations

Announcing "Quick Question" Mini Consultations! "Quick Question" consultations are available for people with simple, straightforward questions that can be answered within 15 minutes.  They are available for both first time clients and existing clients.  If more time is needed, the client may choose to continue into a full consultation, as they prefer. Clinical consultations can … Continue reading New: “Quick Question” Consultations

Clinic Hours Expanded

Great News: Starting April 15, I am expanding my clinical hours to include two clinical days every week!   That's double the availability to schedule health consultations!  Hopefully, this will get rid of the wait time for an appointment.   Clinical consultations can help guide you to self-empowerment on your healing path.  My practice specializes … Continue reading Clinic Hours Expanded

Making Weight-to-Volume Tinctures

Let's break down the art of tincture making!  Tincture ratios, percents, solubility, and all the rest of it. First, Some Basics Weight-to-volume tinctures are made by carefully considering two aspects of balance: the balance between the weight of the marc and the volume of menstruum, and the balance of alcohol and water in the menstruum. … Continue reading Making Weight-to-Volume Tinctures