Herbal Oxymels From the Flower Garden

Oxymels combine the sweetness of honey, the tanginess of apple cider vinegar, and your favorite medicinal flowers for a summer remedy unlike any other! They are certainly one of the lesser-known forms of herbal remedies—unlikely to be found on the shelf of your local food co-op—which makes them a perfect do-it-yourself project for your kitchen … Continue reading Herbal Oxymels From the Flower Garden

Oxymels: Love in the Medicine

Oxymels: Love in the Medicine Oxymels are one of my absolute favorite remedy forms.  There's something about the sweet tang of an oxymel that seems to embody the love and heartfelt good wishes of the medicine maker, as well as the complexities of caring for each other.  They are delicious, versatile, high in a wide … Continue reading Oxymels: Love in the Medicine