Herbal Oxymels From the Flower Garden

Oxymels combine the sweetness of honey, the tanginess of apple cider vinegar, and your favorite medicinal flowers for a summer remedy unlike any other! They are certainly one of the lesser-known forms of herbal remedies—unlikely to be found on the shelf of your local food co-op—which makes them a perfect do-it-yourself project for your kitchen … Continue reading Herbal Oxymels From the Flower Garden

The Art of Formulation

Learning to create simple, effective formulas that do what they’re supposed to do, don’t do anything undesirable, and don’t taste like rotting death can sometimes be a challenge to the budding herbalist. As we tinker and putter and blend our way down the winding path to gaining experience, this can be one of the major … Continue reading The Art of Formulation

Make Your Own Herbal Allergy Syrup

Seasonal allergies can destroy an otherwise beautiful day, especially among those of us who have done a lot of travelling or have moved from one bioregion to another. Many folks turn to Benadryl in desperation, then waste the rest of what would otherwise be a lovely, productive day sacked out on the porch with a … Continue reading Make Your Own Herbal Allergy Syrup