Infused Honey, Syrups, & Elixirs for Winter Colds

This article is part of the series “Basic Recipes for Kitchen Witches,” which is in response to students’ requests for me to post recipes online.  The goal of these articles is to give you the how-to-ness, the essential mechanics of creation,  as a basis for your own future creativity.  You can let your little light … Continue reading Infused Honey, Syrups, & Elixirs for Winter Colds

Solstice Brew: Herbal Hot Toddy

In honor of the winter solstice, the longest night of the year and a tangible turning point as the light builds towards spring, an easy warming brew from my kitchen to yours. My family celebrates this night of sacred darkness with hot toddies around a snowy bonfire.  This herbal version of the traditional winter drink will chase away … Continue reading Solstice Brew: Herbal Hot Toddy