Long Distance Clients: Phone Hours Expanded

Nurture yourself this fall with an in-depth, completely personalized consultation on herbal medicine for women's health, to help you self-empower into wellness. I am expanding my phone availability for clients who cannot meet in Newfane or Brattleboro, Vermont.  Starting October 1, I will offer long distance hours two days a week plus one weekend a … Continue reading Long Distance Clients: Phone Hours Expanded

Clinic Hours Expanded

Great News: Starting April 15, I am expanding my clinical hours to include two clinical days every week!   That's double the availability to schedule health consultations!  Hopefully, this will get rid of the wait time for an appointment.   Clinical consultations can help guide you to self-empowerment on your healing path.  My practice specializes … Continue reading Clinic Hours Expanded

Formulating a Cold & Flu Tea

When all is right in the world, it’s easy to mess around with kitchen witching.  That’s not the case when we can’t sleep, or the kid’s sick and screaming, or whatever the current herbal crisis happens to be.  Over many years of drying herbs to infuse in honey “when I get to it” and not … Continue reading Formulating a Cold & Flu Tea