Welcome to the independent study version of the Online Home Herbalist Apprentice Program at Old Ways Herbal School of Plant Medicine.

This is the recorded version of the class, so you can work through it on your own time.  The recordings are about 4 hours long, accompanied by reading assignments and practical formulation assignments to help you apply the learning, as well as asynchronous discussion and personal feedback.  You will end this course with a personalized, hand-crafted herbal apothecary.

This is a recording of live conversations, during the really volatile, strange, and stressful summer of 2020.  There was a high level of absenteeism in the course this summer due to understandable stressors in students’ lives, and you can certainly pick up on that tenor in our conversations.  Please understand none of these conversations were scripted or edited in any way, so it’s something of a time capsule of herbalism; if something seems no longer relevant we can certainly discuss that in the comments as well.

If you would like to communicate your gender pronouns prior to class, feel free.
Please let me know how I can support your online learning and if you have any questions.  I look forward to reading your work

Viewing & Assignment:

  1. Please complete the preparation assignment and readings prior to viewing the class. 
  2. Watch the class
  3. Complete the integration assignments after viewing the class, before moving on to the next class
  4. Post your assignments in the comments below the class, and respond to at least 2 other people.


On this page you will find the syllabus, student handbook, and the Materia Medica handouts.  Please review the syllabus and handbook.  The MM handouts should be printed prior to class so you can use them to take notes. Plan to complete the reading for class 1 prior to watching the recording. 

2 thoughts on “Online Home Herbalist Apprentice Introduction

  1. If life stays out of the way I think I will have a bit of a right up for class one coming now do you want us to just right it up and put it on here or is that ok. Jeanette Perry p. s. what amess this year has been.


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