Following is a selection of my writing on making and using herbal remedies.

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 General Principles

Thoughts on Family Herbalism

Principles of Home Herbalism

Weaving Together the Patterns of Herbs: Using Materia Medica to its Fullest Potential

Solubility in Medicine Making

The Art of Formulation

Critical Thinking for Contraindications

Allyship in Herbalism: Ruminations

Bark Harvest & Ethical Wildcrafting

Bioregional Herbalism, or “Go Outside”

Why I Don’t Pick the Flowers: Leave the Spring Ephemerals Alone

The Battle Over Fire Cider

Family Herbalism

Thoughts on Family Herbalism

Birth Trauma: Healing with Herbs

Essential Herbs for Toddlers & Young Children

Indispensable Preparations for Toddlers and Young Children

Choosing Remedy Forms for Toddlers and Young Children

How to Choose Safe, Effective Herbal Remedies for Toddlers & Young Children

Medicine Making Techniques

Making Weight-to-Volume Tinctures

Oxymels: Love in the Medicine

Frozen Yogurt Infusions: Toddler Magic

Herbal Ice Pops for Sick Kids

Herbalism in the Winter: How to Choose Cold & Flu Relief Herbs that Work

Infused Herbal Oils

How to Make Herbal Teas

Infused Honey, Syrups, & Elixirs for Winter Colds

Preserving Mushroom Medicine

Preserving Water-Soluble Magic Beyond the Growing Season: Herbal Ice Cubes

Homegrown Tea

Folkloric Tinctures and Vinegar Infusions

Iced Tea & Ice Cubes: Summer Medicines

Specific Herbs

Milky Oats Tincture: What’s the Secret?

Make Your Own Herbal Allergy Syrup

Cold & Flu Tea Recipe

Echinacea Tinctures From Your Garden

Nettles, Burdock, & How to Make Tinctures That Actually Work and Don’t Taste Like Death


Lookalike Forest Plants: Solomon’s Seal & Blue Cohosh

New England Aster

Mid-Summer Wild-crafting

Wildcrafting in High Summer Meadows

Time to Dig Roots

Solstice Brew: Herbal Hot Toddy