Inclusivity Statement

As herbalists, we cherish the biodiversity of the natural world. Likewise, we celebrate all expressions of humanity, as we recognize that diversity, mutual respect, and love are the central pillars upon which our communities build their strength. Everyone suffers under monoculture. To that end, these are our aspirations:

We will treat each other with mutual respect at all times. We will make no assumptions about each other. We will honor the truth of intersectionality and hold space for each other’s lived experiences. When a perspective is different from our own, we will receive it with understanding, not dismissal. When our preconceptions are challenged, we will take notice, name our feelings and our privilege, and strive to adjust our perspective. We will not expect those of less privilege to tutor us in our blind spots, as this is another way of centering the privileged experience.

Due to the nature of the space, accessibility may be an issue for some community members of limited mobility. We want everyone to be able to participate fully in all aspects of the class; however, we also value your safety. Please read “Our Classroom” and contact us to discuss options.

We recognize that as learning, thinking human animals, we make mistakes. If we do not always live up to these expectations, we will strive to grow. Let us be gentle with ourselves as we grow towards enlightenment.

There is no space for hate here, in any form. Anyone who believes discrimination has taken place that violates the spirit of the Inclusivity Statement should bring it to the immediate attention of the school director.

Respect for the Natural Surroundings

Just as we treat each other with love and respect, we must treat our surroundings with the same regard. We will not cause any destruction or disrespect of the natural world through our presence. This includes littering, yelling, roughhousing, picking plants, disturbing nests, smoking, etc. We will also endeavor to be present and appreciate the glory around us as much as possible; let us soak in the beauty through our pores and keep it with us when we go.

Ethics of Herbalism

As a student at the Old Ways Herbal School of Plant Medicine, you have an ethical and moral responsibility to step into your role as a steward of your natural community. Follow ethical wild-crafting guidelines, do not purchase herbs harvested unsustainably or herbs of questionable origin, do not attempt to limit others’ access to knowledge or traditional formulas (including trademarks etc.), and teach others about the ethics that guide herbalism. We will discuss this concept in much more detail in class so don’t worry if it is unfamiliar.  Echinacea

Photography & Social Media

We welcome student photography during and after class. PLEASE share! I am always trying to collect pictures (because I’m too busy yakking to take any!) and your classmates enjoy it too. You can post them on the Old Ways Herbal facebook page, tag @oldwaysherbal or #oldwaysherbal on Instagram, or email them to me and I will send them to the group. Old Ways Herbal reserves the right to use photos on our social media, emails, or limited advertising if appropriate.

Photos posted on social media should be taken down or made private if someone in the photo requests. If such a request has been made, these will not be used by us on social media or advertising in the future.

If you do not want your picture taken in class at all, you should communicate this to me in writing. In the absence of such a request, the assumption will be that you are willing to be photographed, and that photographs may be used on social media or in advertising (unless you have requested the photo not be used as described above).