Camping & Air BnB: Students traveling a distance to study may use our forest campsite free of charge with advance notice; priority is given to those from more than 2 hours away, and those registered for classes on both Saturday and Sunday, and those signed up for volunteer time on the preceding Friday.

Students receive 20% discount when booking our Air BnB

Consultations: Students and family members receive 10% off sliding-scale consultation fees, plus remedy discounts as listed below.

Remedies: Students may purchase discount remedies from the Old Ways Herbal Apothecary at any time through the end of the season; discounts are detailed in the student handbook.

Supplies: Students may purchase discount medicine-making supplies at any time through the end of the season, as detailed in the student handbook.

Group Discounts: Unfortunately, Mountain Rose Herbs is no longer offering student discounts as of last January. Additionally, the Brattleboro Holistic Health Center dissolved their apothecary, so that will no longer be a discount either. Instead, we will use the Facebook group to organize buying of bulk dried herbs to receive discounts from the Brattleboro Food Co-op, Mountain Rose Herbs, and possibly Blue Dragon Apothecary in Greenfield.

Facebook Group: Any students who have Facebook profiles are added to our private student group, where you can communicate directly with each other about assignments, formulas you’re making, wild-crafting spots, etc. This provides an enhanced learning experience throughout the month. Students may choose to stay in the group in future seasons and keep participating.  We also use it to organize bulk buying and car pooling to conferences.