Herbal appointments take place over the phone for long-distance clients, and over a cup of tea in Newfane or Brattleboro, Vermont for local clients.  We share an in-depth, personal conversation about your goals and history.  Many clients find the conversation itself to be an important step towards wellness self-empowerment.

Consultations are followed by an in-depth written summary of recommendations for you to refer back to, including herbal, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations to help you achieve your wellness goals.  Most clients receive one or more handmade herbal remedies, but I also recommend products made by other companies when that is the best fit.  Many clients like to make their own formulas as part of the self-empowerment process; in these cases, I am happy to provide instructions.  I routinely refer clients to other practitioners to provide well-rounded, holistic care as appropriate; this may include massage therapy, acupuncture, or other modalities.

Follow Ups

Changing deep-rooted health imbalances is a process that happens in the fullness of time, so we have follow-up conversations every 4-8 weeks to ensure that recommendations are helpful and allow for any necessary adjustments to formulas.  Multi-appointment packages are available for families, longer time frames, and specific conditions.

Quick Questions

“Quick Question” consultations are available for people with simple, straightforward questions that can be answered within 15 minutes.  They are available for both first time clients and existing clients.  If more time is needed, the client may choose to continue into a full consultation, as they prefer.


Tinctures, syrups, salves, oils, honeys, teas, and more are available as both standard and custom items.  See our formulas page for more information and prices; different sizes from those listed are available for clinical clients as appropriate.  Clinical clients may reorder formulas at will, but adjustments to custom formulas need to be accompanied by a follow-up.