Plant a Bug Spray Garden

Plant herbal allies to defend your family from bites and your garden from pests! Grow, harvest, and craft your own herbal bug spray, while using herbs as companion plants to protect your garden from pests. Insect bites are a warm weather plague, from black flies in spring through fall tick season. As climate change decimates … Continue reading Plant a Bug Spray Garden

Create Your Own Botanical Sanctuary: Learning from the Land

Nurturing at-risk plants is far easier than you think, whether you have acres of forest or a container garden on a fire escape. Start a botanical sanctuary in a pot in your yard! Guerrilla garden ginseng plants! Creating a project like this on a scale that makes sense in your life is attainable, reasonable, and … Continue reading Create Your Own Botanical Sanctuary: Learning from the Land

Garden Planning: February Garden Tip

Now is the time to plan! Spread out on the rug in front of the fire with your gardening notebook, last year's leftover seeds, your favorite seed catalogs (mine are Fedco, Richters, and Horizon Herbs), and a mug of tea of course.  Ideally, you wrote down what went where and how it did last year, … Continue reading Garden Planning: February Garden Tip

Starting Medicinal Seeds: March Garden Tip

Get ready to start seeds! Starting seeds is a cornerstone of my herbal practice, not to mention my sweet sideline as homestead queen.  I highly recommend growing this skill, as it quintuples your access to strange and interesting plants.  There is a great, wide, green world of herbs and flowers out there beyond the garden … Continue reading Starting Medicinal Seeds: March Garden Tip

Long, Cool Spring Survival: June Garden Tip

This cold, rainy weather is very weird for the Spring to Summer transition.  I'm making the most of it by transplanting perennials like crazy and dropping plenty of cover crop seed.  Use this time to harden off your plant babies and finish up whatever cool weather tasks you didn't get to this spring.  Have you … Continue reading Long, Cool Spring Survival: June Garden Tip

Feeding Flowers: July Garden Tip

It's hot!  Midsummer is the time for feeding your plant babies in bloom.  A light feeding when plants are blooming is a little friendly encouragement to promote more flower production, as long as you aren't using an overly nitrogen-rich fertilizer.  Consider a gentle side-dressing or spray of fish emulsion for flower medicines such as calendula, … Continue reading Feeding Flowers: July Garden Tip

Supporting Garden Allies: August Garden Tip

Nourish the workers!  Allow stands of blooming wildflowers to flourish near your garden to attract pollinators and predatory insects. Small basins to collect water in the garden provide a mid-meal break in blistering heat to beetles including ladybugs, as they fight the good fight on your behalf--and the birds like it, too, as they scour … Continue reading Supporting Garden Allies: August Garden Tip