This land is the realization of our dreams, and tending it is both an honor and a privilege. As land stewards, we have a responsibility to preserve the natural world and traditional ways for future generations, to prevent the irreversible loss of our human legacy in the march of progress. Sharing the process of preservation through educational initiatives can Bloodroot by the stone wall help inspire others to recognize and share the importance of our natural world.

Educational Botanical Sanctuary We are working towards creating an Educational Botanical Sanctuary and teaching garden in our forest, which surrounds our forest classroom with a vision of how our Southern Vermont woods were meant to be.  More information here.

A major aspect of this project is nurturing American Chestnut trees, which were once dominant hardwoods and are now effectively extinct due to a blight introduced a century ago. Learn more about the plight of the American Chestnut and the inspiring projects to bring it back here.


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