Immunity Herbal Bone Broth

When I make bone broth, I add safe immunity herbs like astragalus, elderberry, reishi, ginger, garlic, thyme, sage, and rosemary, as well as seaweed and raspberry leaf for the mineral boost.

I freeze the broth in big jars for the future.  It will become miso, pho, tortilla soup, chicken noodle, split pea…any soup we make, we make medicinal.  I even freeze some broth into ice cube trays to use as bouillon or rice water.

To make bone broth, cook up bones and trimmings in the slow cooker with water and a little apple cider vinegar (I usually do about a cup of ACV in a gallon of water or so).  A whole chicken carcass, the bones out of a roast or steak, what’s left after that fish dinner–whatever you’ve got is great.

Add those tasty immune herbs.  Cook for 3 days, adding scraps of onion, ginger, garlic, and veggies throughout–some people save their veggie scraps in the freezer to add to broth when they have a carcass, but I’m not that organized.

Some people break the bigger bones up a little first in the mortar and pestle, but I’m short on time and long on baby-carrying so I skip that step.

When it’s done, strain the broth into jars and ice cube trays and freeze.  Make sure all the fat goes in!  You can also can it in a pressure canner.

There are pictures of this process on my instagram @oldwaysherbal if you want to see!


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